UConn NCAA Champions

UConn completes their championship run, Suh a no-show at conditioning and the Tigers bull pen might take another hit


Huskies Crowned Champions

The leader of the pack

The leader of the pack

UConn completed the improbable run last night winning their fourth national championship in the last 15 years.  A big congratulations to them.  But no one saw this coming.  I for one didn’t think they were going to go that far in this tournament.  And no bracket guy, you didn’t have them winning the championship either.  This was a team that started their conference season in a hole, and was beginning to look like a team that was really missing their legendary coach.  That was when Kevin Ollie put his stamp on this program and earned himself instant credibility not only in Connecticut but in the whole county.  Some day we might look back on this game and see a young Kevin Ollie trolling the sidelines and pulling off an upset over a team which had upwards around eight future NBA players on it.

This game also goes to show how balanced College Basketball was this season.  From the sweet 16 on there weren’t many blow outs and that was because so many teams were so close talent wise.  This was a year where there really was no great team and that’s why there were so many upsets and why you had a seven and eight seed in the championship game.  There were some good teams who had good seasons, but there wasn’t that one or two teams that were so far superior from everyone else that we knew who would win the championship.  I think that’s good for college basketball.  It keeps games entertaining and competitive, and allows a ton of teams to have a chance at making a run.

Is that German guy whose name no one knows in there somewhere?

Is that German guy whose name no one knows in there somewhere?

As for the game, UConn just flat out beat them.  They did to them what they did to Michigan State and Florida.  They caused a ton of turnovers and their guards were way too good for Kentucky to handle.  Shabazz Napier is a senior and he really played like it.  He was smart and hit some big shots.  He was smarter than all those young freshmen for Kentucky and he took them to school with some of the things he did.  The other big key and maybe the biggest key was the way UConn rebounded.  They were undersized, as is everyone against Kentucky, and to win they had to limit the second chance opportunities and they did just that.  In the end UConn outrebounded Kentucky by a 34-33 margin, came up with nine steals, made every one of their free throws and held the Wildcats to just 39% shooting.  They played like a team on a mission and they were rewarded for it.  Oh and it also helped that Calipari had the big mismanagement of not fouling at the end which gave his team very little chance of winning in the final minute.

Suh a no show

Ndamukong Suh was a no show at the first day of the Lions voluntary conditioning, and he is catching some heat for it.  Of all the key players on the Lions, he was the only one who didn’t show up.  Something that from the outside view does not look good.  Now let’s get to what is really going on.  He never comes to these things.  In his four years in Detroit he has never once showed up.  Why?  Probably because of the fact that they are non-mandatory.  Suh always does his own workout program, and has never had any issues with showing up out of shape.  Still, under a new regime, it would probably be good for him to show up, especially considering he is one of the captains of the team.

Is his absence a big deal?

Is his absence a big deal?

I have no idea what else he is doing in his life and maybe he’s really busy and can’t find time to come.  Really though, when you’re a captain, and one of the main players, you need to be there.  No he doesn’t have to be there and no there is no penalty for not coming.  He won’t get benched and he won’t get fined.  In fact absolutely nothing will happen.  But this is the first day you get to be with the new team and the new coaches.  I would also toss in there the fact that at the end of last season he had fellow teammates going to the media saying that he didn’t get along with coaches and was a problem at times.  For those reasons it probably wouldn’t kill him to show up for a few hours and work out with the guys.  But again, it’s voluntary and if he doesn’t want to be there, then no one is going to make him be there.

Another hit to the Tigers bull pen?

The Tigers bull pen might be taking a hit in the near future.  I mentioned yesterday how Evan Reed is probably the best looking arm in the bull pen right now, but now his future looks a little fuzzy.  A report surfaced yesterday that the Detroit Police are opening a sexual assault investigation on Reed.  According to the report it happened the day before opening day.  It is alleged that Reed met the woman at a bar, drugged her and took her back to a hotel room at the Motor City Casino.  As of right now, it is just an investigation and he isn’t being charged with anything, but it usually isn’t good when you are being investigated for sexual assault.  It isn’t hurting Reed or the Tigers right now, because he still traveled with the team out west.

On Tap for Tonight:

Tigers @ Los Angeles Dodgers.  Scherzer (0-0, 0.00) vs. Dan Haren (1-0, 0.00)

Red Wings @ Buffalo.  Magic number to clinch is three points and they can cut it to one with a regulation win tonight.

Pistons vs. Atlanta.  I was wrong when I said they played yesterday.  They play today, not that anyone cares.

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