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Golden Tate is a Lion, Fans sue over beer sizes and High School Hoops


Lions sign former Notre Dame Center Fielder

The Lions got their man yesterday when they signed Golden Tate as their new #2 Wide Receiver.  It should be an upgrade to the position that they have for some reason had a lot of trouble filling.  It will for sure be an upgrade on what they had last year when Nate Burleson was injured.  They found a guy who has NFL experience, and has had success.  He just got done being the top receiver for a Super Bowl winning team last year and maybe the most important thing is that he has good hands.

If this never happened those replacement refs might still be out there

If this never happened those replacement refs might still be out there

Now saying all that, fans do need to temper the enthusiasm a little bit.  Some people are acting like they just signed Larry Fitzgerald to be on the other side of Calvin.  Part of it is also the fact that we get too caught up in the name.  Golden Tate is the name we’ve heard for a while now.  He was at Notre Dame, he made the famous mythical catch against the Packers when they had the replacement refs, and then he won the Super Bowl this past year.  Tate certainly is an upgrade, but he isn’t a top flight receiver.  As I said before, this has for some reason become a tough position to fill for the Lions, and it doesn’t seem like it should be.  How hard should it be to find someone who can run around in the secondary and catch balls when Calvin Johnson is being double or even triple teamed.

Now, the Lions did overpay to get him, but if they were going to get him that’s what they had to do.  He has won his Super Bowl and now he is looking for a place to put up some good stats and make an even bigger name for himself.  He signed a five year deal, which is way too long, but in the NFL years don’t mean much.  They could easily just cut him next year if they don’t like him (just take the Bucs and Revis for example).

The last thing about his signing is how it impacts where the Lions go in the draft next.  This more than likely takes away the chance of them drafting one of the top WRs in the first round.  It doesn’t make much sense to draft a WR who will be third on your depth chart for a few years. I think drafting that D-back is what they need to do anyway. That has been the one position that they haven’t used a high draft pick on in a long time.

Don’t skimp on the beer

Have you checked your beer size lately?

Have you checked your beer size lately?

Fans of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team are suing the arena over the amount of beer in their cups.  They found out that the tall beers, which run $7, actually held the same about of beer as the smaller cups, which run only $4.  The tall beers were taller and skinnier cups, while the small beers were in smaller wider cups.  They are suing for $10,000 in damages.  I do find it hard to believe that they drank $10,000 worth of beer in five years.  If they did drink that much, they have a problem, and they shouldn’t have been driving home from any of those games.  The team claims they didn’t know, but the fans are claiming they’ve been drinking these same sizes for the last five years.  Yeah I have a feeling the team probably knew.  They claimed they ordered 16 and 20 oz. cups, but that’s what they got.  They now say they will order new 24 oz. large cups.

Now this is pretty funny, but the moral of the story needs to be don’t skimp people on their beer.  Being that I am Dutch, I don’t really care for this lawsuit, because it’s taking away the deal of a lifetime.  I would have figured out a long time ago I was getting a great deal on those $4 beers.  The other thing to take note of, is don’t buy so many $7 beers.  You could either buy two 16 oz. beers (32 oz.) for $8, or pay $7 and get the one 24 oz.  Oh and it used to be an even better deal because the supposed large cups were only 20 oz. cups.  I guess you can’t count on those Idaho hockey fans to do the simple math there.

High School Hoops

Otsego’s season came to an end last night as they fell to Benton Harbor in the Regional Final 78-73 in Overtime.  To say there was disappointment would be an understatement.  This team had dreams of going to the Breslin Center this year.  All is not lost though.  This team is full of talented juniors.  They still will have a tremendous backcourt next year.  A.J. Atwater is one of the top PGs in the area, and Mike Williams is a long shooting guard who only played half of this season due to an injury.  They also will have a great frontcourt led by 7’ center Seth Dugan and athletic forward Chris Pearl.  It’s all set up for them to do big damage next year and the expectations and the dreams will be to get to the Breslin Center.

Kalamazoo Central didn’t play last night because of the weather, but they will be action tonight against Ann Arbor Skyline.  Here is a rundown of tonight’s game:

Class A Regional Final @ Loy Norrix 7:00

Kalamazoo Central (20-3) vs. Ann Arbor Skyline (16-7)

How they got here:

K-Central: District wins over Portage Northern (54-39) and Niles (72-57).  Regional win over Holt (62-59)

Skyline: District wins over Ann Arbor Pioneer (72-51) and Ann Arbor Huron (69-57).  Regional win over Lansing Eastern (68-57)

This should be another entertaining high scoring game.  Kalamazoo Central made their last game very excited after it looked just the opposite on Monday night.  They were down 22 in the first half to Holt before they made their second half charge.  Skyline had a close game throughout against Lansing Eastern and then opened up the lead late to win by 11.  The Giants will need to find a way to slow down Skyline big man Tristan Wilson who is averaging 26.7 ppg in the state tournament so far.  They will also need to deal with the Skyline pressure as they were pressing Eastern all over the court on Monday night.

The winner faces: #1 in the state Muskegon who beat Hudsonville last night 56-48.

On Tap for Tonight:

College basketball tournaments keep rolling on.  In the MAC Ohio plays Akron and the winner will face WMU.  EMU and Buffalo play for the right to face Toledo.

Author: Dutch

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