Still Slumping

Tigers still ice cold, Michigan football news and NBA finals preview

Still just a slump?

The Tigers cold streak is still going on.  But the question is when is it time to think about this being more than just a cold streak. This has gone for close to two weeks now. Over the last 16 games the Tigers have gone just 4-12.  I still believe they will pull out of it at some point but the question has to be asked if there is a bigger issue growing.  Also the reality is that the longer the cold streak goes on, it doesn’t become just a cold streak, it comes what they are.  Their record has now dropped to 31-24, they are 3-7 in their last 10 and have lost four in a row.  Perhaps it’s a cold streak but this team just does not look good.  They are making bad mistakes and missing big opportunities.  The youth of some of the younger players is showing.  Castellanos looks like a rookie who is lost at times (such as last night when he overran a ground ball). The rookie manager is starting to get a little testy with the media at times.  The new offense which was so good weeks ago isn’t doing a thing most nights.

Anyone turning on this guy yet?  We all know we would be yelling and screaming at Leyland

Anyone turning on this guy yet? We all know we would be yelling and screaming at Leyland

To try and help with things the Tigers made a move yesterday to try and jumpstart the offense.  They recalled Eugenio Suarez from AAA.  With the move came another one and that was designating for assignment Danny Worth.  I know there are a few Danny Worth fans out there, but the fact is, he is what he is.  Worth really isn’t going to give the Tigers much more than what he’s shown.  He’s shown himself to be a decent defender but not great, and a below average bat.  Suarez has a lot more upside and he certainly has more hitting ability than either Romine or Worth.  Part of the reason they brought him up now probably has something to do with the fact that the Tigers were informed yesterday that for sure Jose Iglesias is done for the season.  With the option of him coming back out of the way Detroit needed to do something to address the SS position, and internally Suarez is the best option.  Now don’t go expecting this kid to come in and shock the world.  He’s still just 22 and had all of 43 at bats at Toledo before getting called up.  If he can hit he can be helpful.

Suarez is expected to get plenty of time at shortstop

Suarez is expected to get plenty of time at shortstop

Now getting back to the team, it’s much more likely that they pull out of this slump and get it together than it is that they keep playing bad.  There is still a ton of talent on this team, and I find a hard time believing they will keep playing like this for a lot longer.  It is a long season and we very likely will look back at this stretch as a hiccup.  But for this to be only a hiccup it needs to end soon or it doesn’t become a hiccup.  It becomes your season.

Michigan Football News

A few bits of news and notes about Michigan football.  I’m usually not going to talk about football recruiting and who is going where.  Really I don’t follow it close enough to know.  There’s too many guys I’ve never heard of.  Plus these are 17 and 18 year olds and we don’t really know how good they are going to be.  Now saying all that, I’m about to make an exception.  The Wolverines just landed a key transfer when running back Ty Isaac decided to come to Michigan.  He was one of the top running back recruits in the nation two years ago and at the time picked USC over about every other big football school in the nation.  In his freshman year last year he rushed for about 230 yards in limited playing time for the Trojans.  The reason he is transferring is for family reasons.  His mother in Chicago is very sick and he wanted to be closer to home.  Whether or not he plays right away is still up in the air.  The NCAA allows a transfer student the opportunity to play in these types of situations where there is an illness in the family, but that rule only applies to when you are 100 miles from your home.  In Ann Arbor he is over that, so he will need to apply to the NCAA for a hardship waiver.  If he can play, he could give the Wolverines a potentially scary backfield when he joins Derek Green (The #1 RB recruit in the same year) and De’Veon Smith.

It appears Dave Brandon can be very persuasive

It appears Dave Brandon can be very persuasive

In other Michigan news the athletic department made $143.5 million last year which ranks them #4 in the entire nation.  Obviously when you have the biggest football stadium full during the fall it certainly helps, but the success of the basketball team also was a big part.  The real reason though was the jump in money given to the program.  Donations to the athletic program were up $3.4 million last year.  Why is that?  One reason.  Dave Brandon.  Since he took over the program in 2010 the total donations have gone up by $37 million.  He was a business man when he took over at Michigan and it appears as though he still is doing just that.

NBA Finals begin tonight

NBA Logo

The NHL finals began last night with a 3-2 OT win for Los Angeles and now the NBA finals begin tonight.  Miami is going for their third straight championship.  San Antonio is going for their fifth championship since 1999.  It is a rematch of last year’s championship series which went seven games.  Miami has had a fairly easy trip to the finals.  They swept Charlotte in the first round, beat Brooklyn in five games in the second round and got past Indiana in six games in the conference finals.  San Antonio had a little more trouble going to seven games in the first round and six games in the conference finals.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I like this match-up.  I really enjoyed watching the finals last year.  While some call them boring, I can actually appreciate the style the Spurs play.  They play as a team, find good shots and execute you to death.  I can also appreciate the talents of the Heat.  I don’t totally care for their new school qualities, but I know that is what the NBA is now and I also know LeBron is the most talented player of this generation and has a very nice supporting cast and I can appreciate that.  I really think this will be another good championship series.

It went seven last year and I think that happens again this year.  This time I’ll say San Antonio gets it done though.  Spurs in 7.

On Tap for Tonight:

Tigers vs. Toronto.

Growlers @ Green Bay.

NBA Finals:  Miami @ San Antonio.  Game 1.  9:00


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