Slow Sports Day? Not So Fast

Worst sports day of the year?

Yesterday was known as one of the the worst sports day of the year.  Not because of anything that happened but because nothing happened.  With the baseball All-star break there were no Major sports going on.  Today starts the British Open, but we still have nothing big in the US until Friday.  I even heard of one sports talk show taking time to discuss whether you use bar soap or body wash (I’m a body wash person myself).  Wasn’t it nice when baseball had just a three day All-star break instead of four?  So with nothing big going on I spent the evening at Homer Stryker Field, and I plan on doing that again tonight.  Still, with all that said, that doesn’t mean nothing is going on in sports.  I also did my best to dig up some other stories of interest.


Kalamazoo Growlers

With nothing else big going on it seems like a good time to check in on the Growlers.  They lost again last night, and they aren’t playing very good baseball right now.  Still, I was happy to have them last night.  The thing they are still offering is a minor league baseball experience for a cheap price.  The team is not playing well and the roster has been largely overturned since the beginning of the season but allow me to remind you what this league is all about.

They are here for a development purpose but there is hope for these guys.  A good amount of these players get drafted and some get drafted high.  I checked out the All-star rosters of this league from last year and found a lot of very high draft picks (like 2nd, 3rd and 4th round guys.  The types that end up being good prospects).  If you still holding those haunting thoughts about the Frontier League let me assure you this is better.  The players have better ability and still have a hope of getting somewhere.  You will still see some boneheaded plays from time to time, but just remember they are still young.  Most of them just finished their Freshman and Sophomore seasons in college.  Between all of that and the good prices I again encourage you to keep going.  The attendance is still decent and one of the better ones in the league.  If you so haven’t gotten out there yet, tonight would be a good time.  It’s Thirsty Thursday too!

Sacramento still wants Josh Smith

Please trade this guy!

Please trade this guy!

In Pistons moves it appears the trade discussions of sending Josh Smith to Sacramento have been reopened.  The two sides were initially talking a few weeks ago before free agency began.  The package still wouldn’t be a lot conning back but it would be worth it to get rid of his bad contact and bad attitude.  It appeared he didn’t have a lot of friends on the team last year and he was probably at the forefront of issues with chemistry.  It had also been reported that Greg Monroe may not want to come back to play with Smith and would likely resign if Smith were gone.  Both Van Gundy and Monroe have said that’s not true, but I actually tend to believe that report is probably true.  Van Gundy has shown that he badly wants Monroe back and all of this might tie in together.  Along with bugging teammates he also got on the wrong side with most fans for never missing a chance to take a bad shot.  I like what Van Gundy has done so far this off season.  It hasn’t been sexy but it’s filling holes and needs.  The biggest thing he’s doing is getting the Pistons out of the hole left by Joe D.  He has dealt with losing the draft pick, and he is now trying to deal with getting rid of Joe’s last big free agency hauls.  If SVG can get this deal done it might be the best move of the off season.

Mid-season tournament?

NBA Logo

An interesting idea was brought up yesterday by the NBA.  They are exploring the idea of creating a mid-season tournament.  It’s unkown how it would work or when it would be played but the tournament would likely be played in Las Vegas.  This could even branch out and be a tournament which includes teams from other leagues around the world.  It’s a little intriguing but I don’t think it’s something that belongs in Major League American sports.

Adam Silver brought up the fact that European Soccer has mid-season tournaments and said that outside of winning the championship there’s nothing else to win in the NBA season.  My response to that?  Yes.  Just like every other major sports league in America.  You compete for a championship not little side trophies.  I can just imagine the Pistons playing terrible last year but then saying “well, at least we won that tournament in Las Vegas”.  Would that really be a mark of success?

Adam Silver has hit some big home runs lately, but I'm not sure if this is another one

Adam Silver has hit some big home runs lately, but I’m not sure if this is another one

This seems like an idea to keep the players interested in actually playing basketball.  That seems to be the biggest problem the NBA has.  The season is way too long for about half the league.  They quit playing and tank, possibly to the enjoyment of management.  The other thing is that tanking a season isn’t even thought of as a bad thing anymore.  Would doing this really keep their interest up?  I doubt it.  Maybe if they make them compete for a pot of gold.  Plus the teams that have the most trouble with staying interested are the bad teams.  Are we going to have a tournament with just the bad teams?  Well that actually might be a good idea.

They are also discussing a change to the NBA lottery in which every team in the lottery has an equal chance of winning and it isn’t based on how bad your season was.  Instead of getting into how bad of an idea that is I will instead propose this and it can kill two birds with one stone.  Replace the draft lottery with a tournament.  The teams that tank their season get to be in the tournament.  Before the season even starts you need to declare your tanking intentions.  All the teams that decide to tank can be in the tournament and the loser gets the first overall pick.  That should be a fun time of watching these teams try to lose against each other.  Can you imagine the Bucks and the 76ers in a loser takes all championship?  The two teams purposely throwing it out of bounds, bricking shots and other shenanigans to try and lose.  That should definitely help with the interest level.  It even sounds like a tournament made for the Pistons.  The only problem with that is that they tried to win to start the season last year and that cost them their draft pick this year.

On Tap for Tonight

Growlers vs. La Crosse


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