Price Impressive in Debut

David Price impressive in debut, Tigers sign a reliever, WMU loses two recruits already and Steroids are back

Price Impresses

The Tigers got a great start from David Price and nearly wasted the effort.  Price was impressive in his Tigers debut pitching into the ninth inning and striking out 10, but it took an Alex Avila home run in the 12th inning to lift Detroit to a 4-3 win.  The Tigers offense looked like it was going to waste a second straight good effort, but they rallied late.  The Tigers came back from a 3-1 deficit with a home run from Andrew Romine and Alex Avila had a big two out hit in the seventh inning to tie the game.  What we learned last night is that the rotation still isn’t a problem.  It doesn’t matter how good these guys pitch, if they don’t score it won’t matter.

Pitching into the ninth in his first game.  That's how a top of the line starter should pitch.

Pitching into the ninth in his first game. That’s how a top of the line starter should pitch.

These other pitchers in the starting rotation are pretty good but I’m not sure they have the same mentality as Price.  He brings that true ace mentality every time he takes the mound.  He wants to throw 9 innings every time out.  Not that these other guys don’t want to, but he’s actually capable of doing it.  Scherzer would if he could, but he always wastes way too many pitches and can’t work deep into a game.  Verlander and Sanchez seem to continually get hung up on one bad inning.  Last night reminded me of what Verlander used to look like on a nightly basis.  He has good stuff and pitches deep into the game getting better as he goes along.  Plus for all you saying the trade doesn’t help your bull pen, perhaps it doesn’t put another guy out there, but when he pitches like that it keeps certain guys in the bull pen and off the mound.

He's Back!

He’s Back!

Everyone can join me in saying this.  Avila is Back!  It’s about time.  It’s been well… um… well was he ever here to begin with?  I don’t think so.  But he did have a good game last night.  He had the game tying hit and then the go ahead home run in the 12th.  But this hardly means he’s turned a corner.  It is nice to see him show up and actually get a few clutch hits though.  I think he needs to do plenty more before he falls into the good graces of the fan base again.

In other Tigers news they signed a reliever yesterday.  But before you go getting excited about the bull pen problems being solved let me give you the real info.  First of all it’s Jim Johnson who was released by Oakland earlier this year.  Secondly is a minor league contact and whether or not he even pitches with Detroit this year remains to be seen.  It’s a low risk move that could help a lot if he somehow gets it figured out.  This was a guy who for three straight years had a sub 3 ERA.  He was a very good closer who was traded to Oakland in the off season but completely lost it this season.  He started the season as the closer but quickly lost that job and then was released not long after that.  Yes, believe it or not he was worse than Joe Nathan.  But, if he can somehow get it figured out he could turn out to be a good signing.  All I know is that if you said in the off season the Tigers would end up having Joe Nathan, Joba Chamberlain, Joel Hanrahan, Joakim Soria and Jim Johnson we all would be thinking it would be the best bull pen ever.

Rap Star to become a Rap Star again

Western Michigan

In WMU football news they are already losing players.  One of their top recruits, Lonnie Johnson, a one time Ohio State recruit, did not qualify academically.  The other is Jay Harris who committed to MSU a few years ago but quit to start a rap career.  He tried to make a comeback and signed with Western this year and was thought to be a guy who could have an early impact.  Well… the rap career is calling his name again.  Yeah, he is officially off the roster and pursuing that music career one more time.  Check out the Article by David Drew.

I’d have to believe this is the end of his football career.  It’s pretty sad really.  I get you have a passion and there’s nothing wrong with that.  Still, you are giving up on two offers to play division 1 football, something you’re clearly good at because teams keep taking chances on you.  Hey, if music is what he wants to do then more power to him, and I wish him the best, but I’d think you would want to actually try this whole football thing considering you get free schooling.  Oh and that schooling also comes with a pretty good music school and you would have a nice chance to study the thing you actually want to get into.

Steroids are back

Just when we thought we might be through this whole thing with steroids in baseball, they are back.  Former Biogenesis founder and sleazeball Tony Bosch turned himself over to the DEA yesterday.  That’s the guy who gave all the steroids to A-Rod and his buddies and left 13 players suspended by major league baseball last year.   Bosch is expected to plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute anabolic steroids and faces up to ten years in prison.



The real story here is it appears the DEA found a few more names and while they probably won’t release those names, the names will likely come out in discovery filings.  Yeah, somehow there were a few guys who slipped through the cracks.  So, just when you thought we were done with this crap for a while, here it comes again.  I’m sick of it, and I’m sure all baseball fans are sick of it as well.  There’s nothing really tnew or different here other than a few guys still might be found out soon.  Guys have cheated with this stuff for a long time, and they aren’t going to stop.  I don’t think steroids are ever going to go away, because guys are always going to be trying to find that edge, and the technology for the users is still ahead of that of the testers.  Just get used to it I suppose.  They are back, and they are going to keep coming back.

On Tap for Tonight

Tigers @ Yankees.  Verlander (10-9, 4.66) vs. Chris Capuano (1-2, 4.50)

Growlers @ LaCrosse

USTA Tennis @ Stowe Stadium.


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