I’m Sick of Talking About the Tigers Losing

Tigers lose yet again, Greg Monroe appears headed back to Detroit and Csont’e York still part of Michigan Football team for some reason.

Sick of the Tigers


Ray was not bad, but the offense as usual was

Ray was not bad, but the offense as usual was


I’m getting sick of talking about the Tigers losing every day, so on this day I’m going to make it quick.  The Tigers lost again to the Pirates, losing 4-2, and have now lost four straight.  It ends a road trip that saw them go 2-7.  Robbie Ray started and was not too bad allowing only three runs in six innings.  The problem was nothing new.  Their offense again decided to just sleep walk through the game.  The good news yesterday was that the A’s beat the Royals and the Tigers are still only a ½ game back.  The other good news is that Verlander is not seriously injured and is just dealing with inflammation in his shoulder.  He might miss his next start, but should avoid a DL stint.  There.  I’m done with the Tigers.

Monroe back in the fold

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According to reports Greg Monroe has decided to sign the Pistons qualifying offer and will return to Detroit this year.  Although, neither the team nor Monroe will confirm that.  As a restricted free agent he had chances to try and go elsewhere, but the Pistons had the chance to match any offer he got.  He tried to work out a sign and trade, but no other teams would bite at that either.  So it came back to signing the qualifying offer which is a one year deal worth $5.4 million and after that he can become an unrestricted free agent and sign anywhere he chooses.

I think this is good news for the Pistons.  Stan Van Gundy certainly wanted him back, and it certainly saves them a lot of money in the short term.  On the court I have no idea how this is going to work since it didn’t work last year with the three big men.  This, in the end, is likely just a way for Monroe to play out his final year in Detroit and get out of there.  This offseason I think he found out the one thing we all were thinking anyway.  He is a good player, but no one wants to pay him the money that he actually wants.  He is good but not worth a max deal and any deal lower than that the Pistons would have matched anyway.  So in his mind it’s probably best to just take less this year to go get more next season.

If Monroe comes back so does the log jam at the big man position

If Monroe comes back so does the log jam at the big man position

What is likely to happen is he plays out this year, and goes elsewhere next year.  It doesn’t usually happen that a player plays out this year and then comes back.  The one thing that could change his mind is if they can somehow win this year, something that has never happened while he’s been in Detroit.  But I get the feeling he just wants out, and win or not, I don’t think this year is going to help change his mind too much.  I don’t think he likes playing with Josh Smith, and I don’t think he likes some of the other attitudes on this team.  What this will lead to is an entire year where he is asked questions about whether he wants to be in Detroit or not, and the team will have to answer questions about whether they are going to try and resign him.  It is probably going to make a bad situation worse and by the end of it I’m sure Monroe will want to be anywhere but Detroit.  But, with how his career in Detroit has gone so far, I can’t blame him too much if he does get out.

Michigan WR in trouble

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Brady Hoke is saying that Csont’e York’s status on the team has not changed.  York is a sophomore WR who is suspended indefinitely after he punched a man outside a bar.  He is facing three assault charges.  This wasn’t just one small punch either.  Police reports say the man suffered a broken jaw in three places, his jaw is wired shut, and he was breathing out of a tube.  It does beg the question though of why is this guy still on the team at all?  What good does it do to keep him around and what kind of message does that send?  Coaches forever have tried to spin this that “the guy needs help, and what kind of man am I if I turn my back on him the first time he’s in trouble”.  Well that’s fine to play the nice father figure card, but for a lot of these guys it isn’t their first offense.  It’s just the first time we in the public hear about it.

How much did Hoke know before he brought in York?

How much did Hoke know before he brought in York?

It goes to show that we don’t know most of these guys when they are brought in.  Perhaps this is a one-time occurrence, but considering the beat down he just gave that guy I hardly believe that.  I go back to the story of Jayru Campbell who was committed to Michigan State before body slamming a body guard at his high school.  Before that he was just a talented QB who was thought to be a future leader of the MSU program.  Gratefully he is no longer going to State and he can be someone else’s headache.   But, how many other guys are there like this?  It doesn’t seem to be any shortage of these guys.  Look around the country, and you see this stuff everywhere.  This goes back to the recruiting process and what the coaches know when they sign these players.  I find it hard to believe these coaches don’t know about issues with these guys before they are brought in.  Did Brady Hoke know York had a dark side to him?  If he didn’t, he probably should have known.  Sure, you hold a few spots for guys who are risks, but you need to ask how big that risk really is and whether a guy like this is really worth the headache.  Now the question is why do you still want this headache on your team.

On Tap for Tonight:

Tigers vs. Pittsburgh.  Buck Farmer (major league debut) vs. Vance Worley (5-1, 2.30)

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