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Hot Wings

A terrible Super Bowl, Basketball in this state had a rough weekend and WMU sports.  Check out my twitter as well @Dutchovensports

Greatest Super Bowl Since…

Malcolm Smith

Boy Seahawks fans must feel good today.  For the rest of us, and even those who aren’t Seahawks fans, but were rooting for them for the night, that was a complete disaster.  From the opening coin flip with Broadway Joe wearing an actual live animal and a screwed up coin flip, to the first snap of the game, you were thinking, “Boy this game is starting about as bad as it can for Denver”.  Then that turned into, “Well if Denver can just get something going here they’ll be ok”.  Then “Boy, this game is starting to get away”.  Then “This could be a great comeback”.  And finally “Yeah so much for the comeback”.  I can’t remember the last time I left a Super Bowl party early, but last night the thought of getting to bed on time actually sounded pretty nice.

There isn’t a person out there that though that game would happen last night.  Not only that, but there aren’t many people out there who actually named a defensive player to win the MVP (Unless you’re a Lions fan and you said Cliff Avril, just because he used to play for Detroit).  A Super Bowl that ends with a defensive player winning the MVP usually isn’t a great Super Bowl.  Go ahead.  Name the last one you can think of.  Yeah that guy who played for Tampa Bay who returned an INT for a TD, Dexter Jackson.  I actually had to look up his name because I forgot it.  Really though, who else other than Malcolm Smith would you pick to win that thing this year?  No one really stood out on the offensive side of the ball.  Maybe Percy Harvin.  Perhaps, Russell Wilson, but that’s just because he is the QB of the winning team.  That MVP had to go to a defensive guy after that amazing performance they put on last night.

That leads us to Denver.  How in the world can you show up to that game and look that bad?  Seriously, that was as bad a performance as someone can have in a Super Bowl.  A lot had to do with a great Seattle defense, but common.  You can’t tell me that Denver offense isn’t better than that.  They’ve played other good defenses this year and have done pretty good.  That was one team showed up and played an unbelievable game, and the other looked like they didn’t want to be there.  I am taking nothing away from Seattle because their defense took everything away from Denver.  But, I don’t think they had anything to do with Manny Ramirez snapping the ball over the head of Manning.  They also had nothing to do with a kickoff return to start the second half.  Seattle put Denver in a hole and the Broncos had no ability to respond.  Could that game have been different if Denver goes down the field on that first drive to score?  Possibly, but probably not.  Seattle was more prepared and better equipped to win that game.

Not a good weekend for Basketball in the state of Michigan

A lot of top teams went down this past weekend and the top ten is going to look a little different this week.  Arizona, Kansas, Michigan State, Michigan, Louisville and Kentucky all fell this past week.  Michigan State looked like a team that is suffering and finally really feeling the effects of injuries.  They have done a nice job up until now, but they really need Payne back.  In big time college basketball you can only be guard oriented for so long.  The top teams need some sort of an inside game, and on Saturday they just didn’t get it.  Matt Costello had his first really poor performance since being put into the big time role, and finished with just six points and three rebounds.  MSU attempted 29 three pointers in the game.  That seems more like something you’d see out of Michigan than MSU.  They aren’t a team that can live and die by the three.  They are built to have balance that comes with having something on the inside.  They have played well with the injuries, but Saturday was the first time they really badly missed Adrian Payne.

As for Michigan, they got caught in that trap that is a Big Ten road game.  It was bound to happen at some time, and I actually am surprised it took this long.  Michigan just did not have anything going offensively down in Bloomington yesterday.  This is a team that is led by two guys, Stauskas and Robinson, and they contributed just 10 combined points.  That is something that won’t happen often but when it does Michigan just isn’t going to win.  It was hard to watch that Wolverine offense that was going through Caris LeVert every possession.  I have nothing against LeVert and I actually am very impressed by all he has done this season and how much he has improved.  The fact is that he is a nice third scorer for them, but he isn’t a #1 scorer and the offense can’t go through him.  I’ll give credit to the Indiana defense, but Michigan has got to find a way to get Stauskas more than just six shots in a game.  Robinson also seemed to do another one of his disappearing acts on Sunday.  Michigan surprisingly did not drop a spot this week and remains at #10 one spot behind MSU.

Not exactly a great second half

That turned out to be a whole lot more effort than what it had to be.  WMU survived and beat rival Central Michigan, but how it ended was less than desirable unless you like a great ending when it doesn’t need to be.  WMU led by 17 at the half and led by as many as 23 in the game, but they saw their lead totally disappear, and even trail by one late in the game.  The Broncos were able to pull back ahead and won by three.  Scary? Yes.  I have to say that most of that second half I had the feeling that Western would still pull out the win, but you still had that doubt in the back of your mind.

WMU looked like a different team in that second half, thanks in part to a pressure defense from CMU.  They just never took the foot off the pedal and as that game got really close you started to think this might not end well.  After the game Coach Hawkins made a few good points.  One being that they definitely let their foot off the gas pedal, but the second that I think people of the home team often fail to recognize and that is there is another team playing and trying to fight back.  CMU was a rough 1-13 from three in the first half, but turned that around and hit 50% of their threes in the second half.  Shane Whittington was the biggest, badest guy on the court in the first half but was completely eliminated in the second half by the Broncos’ number one nemeses, the zone defense.  Tip your cap to the Chips because they certainly never gave up and were nearly rewarded for their efforts.  In the end it is still a win over your rival CMU, and that is something every Broncos’ fan can raise a glass to.

WMU Hockey had a rough go of it

Down the street at Lawson Ice Arena WMU hockey did not perform too well over the weekend.  Two weeks after a five point weekend on the road at St. Cloud they returned home to get 0 points in a sweep at the hands of Minnesota-Duluth.  I think part of that had to do with the weekend off.  They lost a lot of their good mojo they had going.  I also am not sure if that’s a great match-up for WMU.  I remember them facing off last season and Duluth took it to the Broncos up in Duluth.  The Bulldogs looked a lot faster to the puck, got some odd man rushes, and in my eyes just looked like a better team.  Was it just a bad weekend?  That’s very likely.  Hopefully it just stays as one bad weekend though.

On Tap for Tonight:

Vancouver @ Red Wings

Pistons @ Miami


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